Structural Plate is an effective solution for job sites requiring culverts, stream enclosures, underpass or overpass.  The unique curved plate components allow ease of shipment and onsite storage, and once bolted together can provide an open clear span across protected waters.  Multiple configurations are available so please contact us to assist you in matching the best solution for your job site requirements.


We are committed to providing confidential services and products to our local Studios and Movie Production Sets. Our products provide excellent backdrops for any construction site or they can be used by actors to traverse through while in pursuit. We can custom fabricate unique structures to suit your requirements. Your project will be kept confidential throughout the entire process and only upon release will we display the small role we had an opportunity to partake in. Please see the list below detailing some of the projects we’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to be involved with.


  • Ant Man – Marvel Studios
  • The Walking Dead – AMC
  • Zombieland – Columbia Pictures
  • Army Wives – ABC
  • Vampire Diaries – Warner Brothers
  • Black Dog – Universal Pictures
  • Fled – MGM
  • Avengers: Endgame – Marvel Studios


Southeast Culvert provides pipes of diameter 54″ to 144″ in  a 5″ x 1″ or 3″ x 1 ” corrugation profile so that the pipe maintains structural integrity.  These pipes are usually manufactured in 14 gage or heavier to ensure durability of the c.m.p.

Heavier gages allow the pipe to maintain deeper heights of cover.

Gage and corrugation should be determined from height of cover charts published by ASTM, AASHTO, or local DOT’s.  All of Southeast Culvert‘s corrugated steel pipe meets or exceeds the steel pipe specifications AASHTO M36 and ASTM A760.   


Plain Galvanized Pipe (Zinc Coated)                        Aluminized Steel Type 2 (ALT2)

AASHTO M218                                                            -AASHTO M274

ASTM A929                                                                ASTM A929



Max Flow spiral rib pipe combines all of the most essential elements of a storm drain system: hydraulic efficiency, structural integrity, durability, and economics. Max Flow is one product that should be included in all storm drain projects.

Max Flow Spiral Rib Pipe is hydraulically equivalent to other smooth interior pipe products. The designer can now perform one hydraulic analysis and specify competitive products. Hydraulic tests confirm that the Mannings is 0.012 for Max Flow.

Long pipe joints, prefabricated junctions and a smooth interior constitutes Max Flow Spiral Rib Pipe as the hydraulically premier product available.

Max Flow Spiral Rib Pipe is a corrugated metal pipe product. All of the advantages attributable to metal pipe applies to Max Flow.

A comparison of the pipe’s physical qualities are the first advantages usually distinguished between the competing products. The standard joint is twenty feet in length compared to eight feet for Reinforced Concrete Pipe. The standard joint weighs approximately 10% to 20% than that of the same size RCP.

Typically the actual material cost is lower than that of RCP or plastic pipe. If the prefabricated fittings for manholes, inlets, outlets and elbows are all factored in the cost savings for the material can be substantial.